Energetics is an approach to performance and wellness that resolves problems almost instantly. It combines energetic work with a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and quantum physics.

The underlying premise is that you are either strong or weak to any given thing – a person, a topic, an experience, a thought, an emotion, a creature and more. When something weakens you, it will typically manifest itself physically or emotionally and you may experience symptoms, either chronic or acute. To resolve your symptoms, you need to identify exactly what is weakening you and then strengthen yourself to it.

This is exactly what I do when I work with you – I’ll help to identify the root cause of the weakness (it is typically not at all what you or your body think it is), then strengthen you to it so that the weakness and any resulting pain or symptoms are resolved instantly.


Imagine that your brain is your processing computer; it controls every single function in your body and determines how you experience your world. Like any computer, every now and then it experiences glitches.

Sometimes these are minor and sometimes they can be more serious; these glitches manifest themselves as errors in the operating system (your body) and can cause pain, illness and disease – much like a computer begins to slow down and becomes less and less efficient and effective over time, thanks to junk and obsolete data.

To improve the performance of this computer, you’d likely need to clear the cache, maybe upgrade the operating system and very often reboot the machine.

This is effectively what Energetics does for your mind and your body…

It removes junk and obsolete information – in the form of emotions, thought patterns, beliefs, energies and even karma – built up over years and years of processing, it clears your cache and re-tunes your system (your mind and your body) so that you can return to your high-performing best.


I’m Rob Brinded and have spent the past 17 years as a High Performance Specialist working with professional sports people, world class entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives who needed to perform at their peak, on demand.

I now enjoy working with people from all works of life who are seeking answers to to why they feel stuck or unhappy in life or why they are in pain or ill.

I am fortunate to have trained with leading pioneers in the body conditioning, holistic health and movement science fields. I have held a number of highly-regarded positions, including:

  • Six years as Head of Strength and Conditioning at Chelsea Football Club.
  • Three years as Player Performance Consultant at Barcelona Football Club.
  • Two seasons as a Performance Specialist at the English National Ballet School.
  • A specialist performance consultant for several Olympic athletes.
  • A specialist performance consultant for military and special forces soldiers.

My time in these roles gave me an insight into the vital role of both energy and the mind when it comes to high performance. I started using energy medicine in 1996, studying modalities that included Reiki, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Body Talk, meridian point massage and Matrix energetics.

I have been running a High Performance consulting practice since 2006 with amazing results. But after spending years searching for additional methods to give people faster results and relief from their physical, emotional and mental pain – in 2010 I made a pivotal breakthrough in my work.

This breakthrough was a result of meeting Dr. Kam Yuen, a Shaolin Grand Master of Kung Fu and a master of energy work. My personal experience of this work – helping me to overcome my own severe back and leg pain in less than one minute – led me to discover and hone my own approach to achieving optional wellness, peak performance and self mastery.

I work with people who are looking to aoptimize themselves. I find my clients share a few common characteristics:

  • They are progressive and open-minded; they’re willing to try everything, in the pursuit of their own peace of mind.
  • They understand the power of the mind when it comes to achieving success; both the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • They want results and don’t care whether a methodology has been ‘scientifically’ proven or not, as long as it works.
  • They acknowledge the power of a truly holistic approach; one that encompasses the body, mind and spirit.
  • They are tired of struggling and want a better life.

Ultimately my clients know that their fulfillment is dependant upon their ability to clear out physical, mental, emotional and spiritual junk that is holding them back so that they can achieve their potential and love their life.

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