Rob Brinded

Helping You Overcome Your Mind To Fix Your Body

When you’re not performing at your highest level or you’re in pain, it’s possible that it isn’t really a physical problem. Today, I’ll show you how the mind affects the body, how you can overcome the mind to fix the body and that it’s easy and in many cases instant.

Your mind affects your body

Overcome the mind & fix the body

It’s not hard and it’s instant . . .

¨All pain and painful feelings in the mind and body can be traced back to a weakness in a person´s mind, body, and spirit. I find the weakness using my insight and strengthen it, then the pain and suffering instantly disappear.¨ – Rob Brinded

About Rob

Working with CEO’s, high level executives, professional athletes Rob Brinded has built a portfolio of clients around the world who trust and believe in a new and unique future. Read more about Rob here >>>

Who Rob Can Help

Energetics is for anybody who is suffering from physical/non physical pain or isn´t happy with their life situation and wants fast and lasting results.

Rob works with people who struggle with all sorts of pain. Physical aches, major and minor illnesses, mental or emotional distress and other symptoms.

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How Rob Works

The session consists of a 50min Skype call and a 25min follow up session that usually takes place after a week depending on what Rob thinks is best for your situation. Rob prefers working webcam to webcam (your seeing his face and him seeing yours) but this is not 100% necessary. The sessions will be recorded and you will be sent a copy via Dropbox. Read more about how Rob works here >>>