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Strengthen What Weakens You to Perform
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How Does It Work?

High performance energetics is an approach to performance and wellness that resolves problems almost instantly. It combines energetic work with a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and quantum physics. When you’re in pain – whether you’re suffering from a physical, emotional or mental problem – your performance suffers.

If you’d like to experience high performance when you need it, I can help you resolve any pain and achieve your peak performance, quickly.

Strengthen What Weakens You to Perform at Your Best. I’ll Show You How…

I’m Rob Brinded and I’m a High Performance Specialist. I work with professional sports people, world class entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate executive teams who need to perform at their peak, on demand.

I have previously worked with elite footballers, the English National Ballet School, and many more clients.

Rob Brinded

High Performance Specialist.

What Clients Are Saying

Simeon Jackson

I've worked with a lot of different life coaches and worked through many routines, meditations and self help practices.
Nothing compares to the immediate shift and results I get when doing energetics with Rob Brinded!

Simeon Jackson Professional footballer
Seb K

I highly #recommend everyone to check out Rob Brinded’s work.

Rob Brinded is working with high-class #athletes, #business-managers etc. and his #results are #amazing & #instant.

I had the #pleasure of working with him throughout my time at #Chelsea and later on as well.

Amazing work Rob 👍

Sebastian Kneibi Personal Development Mentor at Mental-Mentoring für Sport & Business
Michael Rocco

Contacted Rob for an urgent Skype session as my neck was very painful and swollen which I put down to a tooth problem.

I was in an important international tournament and this was really affecting my performance.

By the end of the session, Rob had cleared all the pain in my neck and I had full range back. Amazing!!

He also cleared some energy blockages affecting my performance and I felt great in the tournament and placed 3rd overall.

Rob is my go to guy for performance enhancement and any physical issues I have.

Michael Rocco Professional Poker player
Kevin F

"An afternoon with Rob Brinded. An energy guide – changing directions:

What does Rob do? Life coach –no something more, Yuen method teacher – no something different, Chinese healer – no, but kind of. After a session with Rob I pondered this for hours. Then I came upon my own version . He is an ‘energy guide’. Subtly adjusting, motivating and clearing the various energies that surround a person so they can move forward on their life journey. It was brilliant, helpful and rewarding. Rob’s work is unique and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was an enlightening session that I shall certainly repeat."

Kevin Farran entrepreneur and writer
Giselle Esse Hyvönen

Digestion Testimonial

My son had problems with stomach for years, constipation. I did everything, medication, hospitals, trying to give him peace while sitting on the toilet.... But medication only helped during the time it was used and As soon as I stopped giving him the medicine he went back to getting constipated and back to not going to the toilet more than once a week.
I contacted Rob and he did short session . The same evening my son told me he went to the bathroom by his own will! Now it's been 2 months and he is able to visit the bathroom every day! Thank you so much Rob

Giselle Esse Hyvönen Entrepreneur
Mariko Hiyama

During the last 2 weeks, I had wonderful opportunities to receive Rob's consultations remotely and the effect on me was immediate. First of all, a heavy stone in my chest was gone - I started laughing because I could not touch the heavy feeling that I had for a while My mind is now free and light In addition to it, Mind related physical pains are disappearing.
Explaining in words about the greatness of his work is not easy. I can only recommend folks to try out Rob's consultation if you have been looking for tools to be ready for any changes ; to be stronger in both body mind Thank you, Rob!

Mariko Hiyama
Yoshiko Nakajima

This is Rob Brinded. My coach to help improve my life and business.

As a small business owner there are thousands of positives and negatives that flow through your mind and space. I believe these energies can subtly affect the performance of you in your shop. Energy attracts energy, positive or negative. Rob’s honest guidance and integrity has helped me eradicate the negatives allowing the right energies to flow into a neutral space. It is subtle, it is effective, and for me and my business - it works. Simple - it works. Thank you so much Rob. Let’s continue to work together.

Yoshiko Nakajima Entrepreneur
Robert Huth

Rob is the best conditioning guy I have worked with.

From working with him, I became the quickest player over 10 metres and had the highest jump height recorded from the German national team. I continue to work with Rob as I know it gives me the advantage over the opposition.

Robert Huth German International and Leicester City F.C.
Eidur Gudjohnsonn

Best shape of my life…

Rob got me in the best shape of my life. I hope we will continue to work together.

Eidur Gudjohnsonn Iceland International (captain) and Shijiazhuang F.C.
Petr Cech

I came back a much better athlete…

Thank you Rob for the work we did together. I came back a much better athlete and everyone remarked upon it. My reactions were also much faster due to all the eye exercises we did together.

Petr Cech Czech Republic International and Arsenal F.C.
Joe Cole

Thanks for getting me in unbelievable shape. I felt and looked much quicker off the mark, and my overall game went up a gear.

Joe Cole Ex Chelsea and England International
James Hayton

I started working with Rob about 6 months ago, as I’ve been carrying injuries for years and decided to do something about it. Injuries I thought were permanent have disappeared. Rob has probably given me an extra few years of competition at the highest level, and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone (athlete or otherwise) with recurring pain.

James Hayton Captain of Shodokan Aikido UK National Squad 2009-2011 and five-time World Championship Competitor
Guy Garrard

A year ago today I gave up 19 years of pain, operations and drugs. Was I skeptical? Hell, yes. Thank you Rob Brinded for a pain-free life.

Guy Garrard Director at Oneworks Ltd, UK


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