High Performance. When It Matters.

When you’re in pain – whether you're suffering from a physical, emotional or mental problem – your performance suffers.

If you'd like to experience high performance when you need it, I can help you resolve any pain and achieve your peak performance, quickly.

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Strengthen what weakens you to perform at your best. I'll show you how...

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Who This Helps...

I'm Rob Brinded and I'm a High Performance Specialist. I work with professional sports people, world class entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate executive teams, and have previously worked in Elite Football, the English National Ballet School, and many more. Find out how I discovered this cutting edge approach to high performance...

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What Clients Are Saying

Injuries I thought were permanent have disappeared...

"I started working with Rob as I’ve been carrying injuries for years and decided to do something about it. Injuries that I thought were permanent have disappeared.

Rob has probably given me an extra few years of competition at the highest level, and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone, athlete or otherwise."

– James Hayton, captain of Shodokan Aikido UK national Squad 2009-2011, five-time world championship competitor.

I immediately felt stronger without losing my dancing grace...

“Working with Rob was brilliant. One of my concerns with strengthening work was putting on weight and looking muscular. Rob shared his energetics work with me and I immediately felt stronger without losing my dancing grace.

The improvement in my dancing and movement was noticeable and – after my teachers asked what I was doing – Rob was asked to consult for the school.”

– Ellie S, Ballerina The English National Ballet School.

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