High Performance When It Matters

When you're in pain – whether you're suffering from a physical, emotional or mental problem – your performance suffers.

If you'd like to experience high performance when you need it, I can help you resolve any pain and achieve your peak performance, quickly.

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I'm Rob Brinded and I'm a High Performance Specialist. I work with professional sports people, world class entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate executive teams who need to perform at their peak, on demand. I have previously worked with elite footballers, the English National Ballet School, and many more clients. Find out how I discovered this cutting edge approach to high performance in the video above.

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What Clients Are Saying

Injuries I thought were permanent have disappeared...

"I started working with Rob as I’ve been carrying injuries for years and decided to do something about it. Injuries I thought were permanent have disappeared.

Just by watching the way my body moves when doing simple exercises, he can see the sources of instability and pain...and most importantly tell me what to do to fix them.

Rob has probably given me an extra few years of competition at the highest level, and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone (athlete or otherwise) with recurring pain."

– James Hayton, Captain of Shodokan Aikido UK National Squad 2009-2011 and 5-Time World Champion

For the first day in over 19 years I had absolutely no pain…

"I was 7 days away from the Surgeon’s table again, and with massive scepticism, born of multiple failures over 19 years, I spent 90 minutes talking to Rob. I went to bed shortly after (drugs still making sleep erratic.) I was still in as much pain as ever, and considered 90 mins of my life just wasted.

I woke the following morning to the strangest sensation. For the first day in over 19 years I had absolutely no pain in my back at all. Not even the regular stiffness caused by multiple operations.

To this day, I have not suffered even the slightest twinge. I don’t pretend to understand but my life is changed beyond recognition.”

– Guy Garrard, Director at Oneworks Ltd, UK

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