Maximize Your Potential

I work with many professionals in the sports, entertainment or corporate world. Below you can see some of the typical results I’ve achieved when using this methodology with clients:

When I got up this morning to do my Yoga exercises there was a complete different lightness within me…not that heavy sad feeling at all…what a different experience! I’m so grateful for Rob’s help.

Catarina Persson, Sweden

Since my session last month I’ve noticed a big shift in my thinking the last few weeks. Beforehand I was getting down thinking about going to work but I’ve felt completely different since our session, no negative thoughts when I’m there, just neutral. Also, beforehand, I was overthinking about learning energetics, and feeling like I had no control over my life, but since then I don’t even think about it anymore and feel much more positive about my future and believe a lot more now that I can change it myself and not have to rely on ‘outside of me’ influences.


There is no limit as to how Rob can help improve your life, and the improvements come fast, VERY fast! Many of my challenges from physical discomforts to general situation (examples: money, love, freedom) have vastly improved since working with Rob. He’s absolutely worth the investment!

Alex R.

I’ve had a huge shift in my energy levels since my session with Rob and can feel that ”zest” for life again! I’ve actually got ”get up and go” when I wake up which I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt like the walking dead in the weeks prior to the session. I’m feeling so much happier and vibrant than before. I’m very grateful for Rob’s time work.

Adele F., Australia

I was experiencing a depressive moment in my life. I had very low self esteem and I was anxious. I was not able to find enough work….It felt like I was stuck.

Then I met Rob and he changed my whole life.

It happened so fast. In a few months I was working more. I started to feel more confident and there were no more anxiety crises. With this new strength, new opportunities started to come my way.

I feel like a new woman! There are no words to explain how grateful I am to Rob. It is just amazing how Rob helps people. I highly recommend his work. I wish everyone could have this experience.


My session with Rob was nothing short of game-changing. If there’s any such thing as a quick fix, this is it. I had no idea what to expect, and was pretty apprehensive about it, even during the initial session. The results however have been fabulous.

Some were quick and obvious (like the improvement in my eye strain and the weak glute muscle I’d often noticed – both instantly improved), and some have been ´slower burn’ with improvements, changes and developments occurring in the weeks after my session, in both my business and personal life /relationships.

If you want to change the way things are going for you in just one session, this is the session to book. I’m now bought into monthly tune-up sessions with Rob – they’re a game-changer.

Lea W. U.K.