Team Peak Performance Plan

Who This Is For:

  • Sports teams
  • Corporate executive teams
  • Bands and entertainment performers

Typical Results Achieved:

I work with many professionals in the sports, entertainment or corporate world. Below you can see some of the typical results I’ve achieved when using this methodology with clients:

Imagine that your brain is your processing computer; it controls every single function in your body and determines how you experience your world. Like any computer, every now and then it experiences glitches.

Sometimes these are minor and sometimes they can be more serious; these glitches manifest themselves as errors in the operating system (your body) and can cause pain, illness and disease – much like a computer begins to slow down and becomes less and less efficient and effective over time, thanks to junk and obsolete data.

To improve the performance of this computer, you’d likely need to clear the cache, maybe upgrade the operating system and very often reboot the machine.

This is effectively what High Performance Energetics does for your mind and your body.

It removes junk and obsolete information (in the form of emotions, thought patterns, beliefs, energies and even karma) built up over years and years of processing, it clears your cache and re-tunes your system (mind and body) so that you can return to your high performing best.

If you have a team whose performance you would like to boost, I can work one-on-one and/or in a group environment to help improve the performance of both the individuals in your team and the team as a whole.

Individual sessions with each member of your team will be held privately by Skype (or in person), and I can also faciliate and work with your team as a unit.

I will work to understand any individual and group weaknesses, identify what’s at the root of these issues, and then strengthen the individuals and group to these weakenesses to improve the team’s performance, both as a whole and individually.

Peak Performance Plan
GBR 2,000 per month

Monthly 40-minute private Skype sessions with Rob (or face-to-face his travel schedule permitting).

Daily Physical Booster so your body is infinite potential.

Weekly remote strengthenings to keep you at peak performance, with
access to a private audio of what Rob has strengthened you to each week.

15m private booster sessions, whenever you need extra support (ACCESS
to Rob’s Phone via Whatsapp).

Additional and follow-up sessions bookable at a preferential rate of GBP 150 per 40 minutes.

Peak Performance Plan
GBR 400 per month

Quarterly 40-minute private Skype sessions with Rob (or face-to-face his travel schedule permitting).

Weekly remote strengthenings to keep you at peak performance, with access to a private audio of what Rob has strengthened you to each month.

Additional and follow-up sessions bookable at a preferential rate of GBP 175 per 40 minutes.

Peak Performance Plan
GBR 100 per month

A quarterly 30-minute private Skype session with Rob.

Monthly remote strengthenings, with access to a private audio of what Rob has strengthened you to each month.

Additional private Skype sessions bookable at a preferential rate of GBP 200 per 40 minutes


All plans are annual subscriptions which means your plan will renew each year, unless you request for it to be

You may cancel your plan at any time, and a pro-rated refund will be given.

If you do not use your sessions, they will be forfeited and do not roll-over to the following month/quarter, nor
do they accrue in any way.

Questions Answered

The individual sessions will focus on each team member and helping overcome what may be most impacting their performance and wellness; this will undoubtedly have an impact on their performance within the team/group.

However, there are always likely to be certain group dynamics (internal and external), along with group boundaries (internal and external) which may have an infuence and impact on the group, and their work together. This is what I’ll be focusing on when I conduct group strengthenings – whether remotely or in ‘live’ group sessions.

You do not need to do anything specific to prepare for your session. You may however find it beneficial to consider how you would rate your problem/pain – whether it’s physical or emotional – on a scale of 1 to 10, as I may ask you to do this as a marker to help measure the effectiveness of your session.

A session with me typically follows this process:

  1. I will ask you to describe your current biggest/most painful issue – this can be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Please note that you don’t need to classify it as such; I’ll simply ask you to describe and talk about it.
  2. I will then identify where the root cause lies; that is, what is actually weakening you and causing this problem to manifest wherever you’re experiencing it. Please note that the root cause is often quite different to what you’re experiencing physically or emotionally which is why intuition and a higher kind of sense is needed to identify it. The way I identify this – using intuition, sense and skill – is not exclusive to me; anyone can feel what is weakening them when they’ve been trained to do this.
  3. Once I have identified the true weakness, I will strengthen you to it which will resolve the problem. Very often you may feel an immediate improvement in your symptoms though sometimes it can take a few hours or overnight to experience relief.

If time permits, I will usually conduct a general ‘scan’ of what else may currently be weakening you the most, and strengthen this for you.

If you have additional issues that you don’t have time to cover in the call, you are welcome too book further sessions at an exclusively discounted rate.

If you have a specific problem that you’d like me to work on, you’ll be invited to email a description of this each week/month (plan-dependent). I will then work on this problem remotely i.e. we do not need to speak to each other for me to do this, to identify the root cause and I’ll then strengthen you to the weakness. I will record a summary audio which you will have access to for 72 hours to download.

If there’s nothing specific that you’d like me to work on, I’ll remotely identify whatever is weakening you the most at the time, and strengthen you to this; you’ll also receive an audio summary to download.

While the ultimate goal is always to help you experience relief and feel better, sometimes a more deep-seated issue can require more than one session to resolve.

This is because resolving one problem may uncover another – or provide the space for another to then become apparent. You may experience this as a sense that something feels different or that it has shifted but it may not always feel like total or complete relief or resolution.

This does not mean your session has not worked since resolving a weakness will result in a shift; it simply means that there may be another root cause of the problem to now resolve.

If you experience this after a session, it may be helpful to have a follow-up session (bookable at a preferential rate, depending upon your plan), to continue to resolve the problem.

If you experience no noticeable improvement or difference within 24 hours after your session, please get in touch and describe any sensations, feelings or experiences post-session. If necessary, we will arrange a complimentary follow-up session or I will continue to work on you remotely until you experience a shift.

How to Book

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