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I am very excited you are thinking of booking an energetics session with me. I totally get how weird you might think the whole delete pain on the spot experience sounds. I know because when I first booked a session with an elderly Chinese man on the other side of the world I was thinking the exact same thing.

I am so happy I tried something new. My leg and back were fixed in just 1 session. I had spent five years and a lot of money going from doctor to specialist. One specialist alone cost $10,000!!

Guy Garrard, Director at Oneworks Ltd, UK
I now cannot make my back ache. All the things that I was unable to do, or caused me discomfort are open to me once again. I don’t pretend to understand. But my life is changed beyond recognition.
Gisele De Souza, Massage Therapist, Barcelona/Brazil
There are no words to explain how grateful I am to Rob. It is just amazing how Rob helps people.
I highly recommend his work. I wish everyone could have this experience.”

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