Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t call this ‘healing’ because that usually implies a period of time is needed; High Performance Energetics often works immediately and does not require a period of time for healing. This is also not magic nor is it hypnotism or any other kind of typical coaching modality.

High Performance Energetics has its roots in the Yuen Method, developed by Dr. Kam Yuen – a Shaolin Kung Fu grandmaster. It combines energetic work with a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and quantum physics.

The underlying premise is that you are either strong or weak to any given thing – a person, a topic, an experience, a thought, an emotion, a creature etc.

When something weakens you, it will typically manifest itself physically or emotionally and you may experience symptoms, either chronic or acute. To resolve your symptoms, you need to identify exactly what is weakening you and then strengthen yourself to it.

This is exactly what I do when I work with you – I’ll help to identify the root cause of the weakness (it is typically not at all what you or your body think it is), then strengthen you to it so that the weakness and any resulting pain or symptoms are resolved instantly.

A session with me typically follows this process:

  1. I will ask you to describe your current biggest/most painful issue – this can be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Please note that you don’t need to classify it as such; I’ll simply ask you to describe and talk about it.
  2. I will then identify where the root cause lies; that is, what is actually weakening you and causing this problem to manifest wherever you’re experiencing it. Please note that the root cause is often quite different to what you’re experiencing physically or emotionally which is why intuition and a higher kind of sense is needed to identify it. The way I identify this – using intuition, sense and skill – is not exclusive to me; anyone can feel what is weakening them when they’ve been trained to do this.
  3. Once I have identified the true weakness, I will strengthen you to it which will resolve the problem. Very often you may feel an immediate improvement in your symptoms though sometimes it can take a few hours or overnight to experience relief.

If time permits, I will usually conduct a general ‘scan’ of what else may currently be weakening you the most, and strengthen this for you.

If you have additional issues that you don’t have time to cover in the call, you are welcome too book further sessions at an exclusively discounted rate.

You do not need to do anything specific to prepare for your session. You may however find it beneficial to consider how you would rate your problem/pain – whether it’s physical or emotional – on a scale of 1 to 10, as I may ask you to do this as a marker to help measure the effectiveness of your session.

No. I am not a mind reader and it is highly unlikely that I’ll discover anything about you that you do not want me to discover. The root cause of a weakness is often unexpected, unconscious and very often beyond your control.

You do not have to reveal or tell me anything you don’t want to; in fact even if you don’t speak at all, I can identify what is weakening you and strengthen you to it.

I do this using my trained insight and intuition – by feeling the sensation of weakness in your energetic field. Anyone can do this, with the right training.

Because High Performance Energetics works at a quantum level, it works beyond the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds which means that however you feel about this approach will have no effect on its efficacy whatsoever.

However, I am highly selective about the clients I work with because I want the very best results for them and I would rather focus my efforts and energy on those who are willing to work with me, rather than work against me.

There are many, many modalities which are valuable alongside High Performance Energetics. High Performance Energetics does not replace these, it augments them.

I frequently recommend other types of support to my clients, including massage, acupuncture, yoga, and belief questioning. Anything that keeps you feeling at peak performance is a good thing!

While my goal is always to ‘fix’ and resolve your issue, sometimes a problem has a more deep-seated root cause; that is, we may strengthen one weakness and you’ll experience a possibly temporary shift and improvement but its resolution then allows another weakness to be felt (sometimes this manifests in the same way or pain, sometimes differently). This may be immediate or it may happen after a few hours or even days and weeks.

This is similar to clearing your computer’s cache which makes space for new junk files to be saved, and sometimes previously hidden problems to take hold!

When this happens, the root cause of the new weakness needs to be identified and resolved. The annual performance plans are designed to help keep your system clear and resolve any new weaknesses that you experience.

Very occasionally – and usually after quite some time – a previous weakness can become weak again, in this case, it is usually a much quicker fix the second time round.

If you have a specific problem that you’d like me to work on, you’ll be invited to email a description of this each week/month (plan-dependent). I will then work on this problem remotely i.e. we do not need to speak to each other for me to do this, to identify the root cause and I’ll then strengthen you to the weakness. I will record a summary audio which you will have access to for 72 hours to download.

If there’s nothing specific that you’d like me to work on, I’ll remotely identify whatever is weakening you the most at the time, and strengthen you to this; you’ll also receive an audio summary to download.

While the ultimate goal is always to help you experience relief and feel better, sometimes a more deep-seated issue can require more than one session to resolve.

This is because resolving one problem may uncover another – or provide the space for another to then become apparent. You may experience this as a sense that something feels different or that it has shifted but it may not always feel like total or complete relief or resolution.

This does not mean your session has not worked since resolving a weakness will result in a shift; it simply means that there may be another root cause of the problem to now resolve.

If you experience this after a session, it may be helpful to have a follow-up session (bookable at a preferential rate, depending upon your plan), to continue to resolve the problem.

If you experience no noticeable improvement or difference within 24 hours after your session, please get in touch and describe any sensations, feelings or experiences post-session. If necessary, we will arrange a complimentary follow-up session or I will continue to work on you remotely until you experience a shift.

Absolutely! We are launching a new education-based website in 2016, to teach this methodology to anybody who wants to use it for personal and professional benefit. In the meantime, if you’d like to talk about private tutoring, please get in touch.