High Performance in Sport

I work with many professionals in the sports, entertainment or corporate world. Below you can see some of the typical results I’ve achieved when using this methodology with clients:

I’ve worked with a lot of different life coaches and worked through many routines, meditations and self help practices.
Nothing compares to the immediate shift and results I get when doing energetics with Rob Brinded!

Simeon Jackson
Professional footballer

I highly #recommend everyone to check out Rob Brinded’s work.

Rob Brinded is working with high-class #athletes, #business-managers etc. and his #results are #amazing & #instant.

I had the #pleasure of working with him throughout my time at #Chelsea and later on as well.

Amazing work Rob 👍

Sebastian Kneibi
Personal Development Mentor at Mental-Mentoring für Sport & Business

Contacted Rob for an urgent Skype session as my neck was very painful and swollen which I put down to a tooth problem.

I was in an important international tournament and this was really affecting my performance.

By the end of the session, Rob had cleared all the pain in my neck and I had full range back. Amazing!!

He also cleared some energy blockages affecting my performance and I felt great in the tournament and placed 3rd overall.

Rob is my go to guy for performance enhancement and any physical issues I have.

Michael Rocco
Professional Poker player

“An afternoon with Rob Brinded. An energy guide – changing directions:

What does Rob do? Life coach –no something more, Yuen method teacher – no something different, Chinese healer – no, but kind of. After a session with Rob I pondered this for hours. Then I came upon my own version . He is an ‘energy guide’. Subtly adjusting, motivating and clearing the various energies that surround a person so they can move forward on their life journey. It was brilliant, helpful and rewarding. Rob’s work is unique and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was an enlightening session that I shall certainly repeat.”

Kevin Farran
entrepreneur and writer

Digestion Testimonial

My son had problems with stomach for years, constipation. I did everything, medication, hospitals, trying to give him peace while sitting on the toilet…. But medication only helped during the time it was used and As soon as I stopped giving him the medicine he went back to getting constipated and back to not going to the toilet more than once a week.
I contacted Rob and he did short session . The same evening my son told me he went to the bathroom by his own will! Now it’s been 2 months and he is able to visit the bathroom every day! Thank you so much Rob

Giselle Esse Hyvönen

During the last 2 weeks, I had wonderful opportunities to receive Rob’s consultations remotely and the effect on me was immediate. First of all, a heavy stone in my chest was gone – I started laughing because I could not touch the heavy feeling that I had for a while My mind is now free and light In addition to it, Mind related physical pains are disappearing.
Explaining in words about the greatness of his work is not easy. I can only recommend folks to try out Rob’s consultation if you have been looking for tools to be ready for any changes ; to be stronger in both body mind Thank you, Rob!

Mariko Hiyama