What IS IT?

Energetics is an approach to performance and wellness that resolves problems almost instantly. It combines energetic work with a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and quantum physics.

The underlying premise is that you are either strong or weak to any given thing – a person, a topic, an experience, a thought, an emotion, a creature and more. When something weakens you, it will typically manifest itself physically or emotionally and you may experience symptoms, either chronic or acute. To resolve your symptoms, you need to identify exactly what is weakening you and then strengthen yourself to it.

This is exactly what I do when I work with you – I’ll help to identify the root cause of the weakness (it is typically not at all what you or your body think it is), then strengthen you to it so that the weakness and any resulting pain or symptoms are resolved instantly.



Similar to a processing computer, your brain controls every single function in your body and determines how you experience your world. Just like a computer, every now and then, it experiences glitches.

These glitches could either be minor or serious, and they manifest themselves as errors in the operating system - in this case, your body - and can cause pain, illness, and disease. A computer begins to slow down and become less and less efficient over time because of junk and obsolete data. Your body can slow down over time because of the errors you may experience.

In order to improve your performance, Energetics removes junk and obsolete information built up over the years. These come in the form of emotions, thought patterns, beliefs, energies, and even karma. This helps clear your mind and body so that you can return to your high-performing best.